Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Time for an Update

The first several weeks at my job where tiring. Lots of classroom training and a ton of information to try and absorb. Not to mention the whacked out schedule that flip flopped around.

Week 1 – 6:30am – 3pm

Week 2 – 3:30pm – Midnight

Week 3 – 9am – 5:30pm

Week 4 – 7:30am – 4pm

Now, thankfully, I have settled into my permanent shift. 7:30am – 4pm will be my shift until the next shift bid, in 3 months. When the shift bid comes up, the order of priority is based on a combination of our Attendance, Performance (how many customers we can help per hour), Customer Satisfaction, Quality (they grade 5 of our customer interactions per week) and Availability (How much of our shift we are at our desk ready to help customers). I'm a little nervous about the shift bid in 3 months. If I'm not doing well enough by then, I have up to as many as 50 people to contend with to get the shift I want. I have no doubts in my ability to be successful at this job, I'm just not secure in my belief that I will be good enough to get my preferred shift.

In other news, my car has been shit kicked. My sister was leaving my parents house in my dads truck, and she just hopped in the tore into revers without looking, without bothering to see that my car was parked where it always is, at the back of the driveway behind my dads truck. Plenty of room to go around... if you look. She hit my car so hard that it pushed it back a foot. The whole front was crumpled in. The major piss off about my car is the fact that now my front end is punched in, and since this winter my taillight is busted, but I didn't do either thing. My taillight was hit by someone last winter while I was parked at home, and my sister ran into my front end. Now, people see me driving this beat up car and probably wonder what the hell I hit, but I wasn't even NEAR my car for either incident. Oh well, my car is in at the body shop getting fixed right now, which means I have the joy of driving around my dads work truck. This thing is from the 70s or 80s, it's standard and it's HUGE. I pulled up to a building yesterday, and I got a little closer than I meant to, I kinda blocked anyone from walking around in front of my truck, well, then I get out of the truck and turns out I was about 4 feet from the building! Damn I'm not used to driving something so damn big!

My sister and I have been getting along pretty good, which is a big change from the last time we lived together. In the past few years we've both changed a lot. Celexa has mellowed me out, and GOD has mellowed her out. I see my parents a couple times a week, and have dinner at their house on Thursdays. It's so nice to be around my family again. My sister and nephew are coming out for Thanksgiving this weekend, I'm looking forward to that.

I'm working on talking Adrienne into moving up here. I figure I'll win eventually, since the only reason she gives to not move is “I can't afford it”. Eventually she'll be able to afford it. The way I see it, here, she is still close enough to drive home, it's prettier here, the weather is better here, I'm here, there is lots of work here, and she could save more money because her bills wouldn't be as high. I talked her into moving to Fort St. John while being honest with her about how much it sucked ass. Talking her into moving someplace nice should be easier!

Well, that's about it for now.

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