Thursday, September 8, 2005

Work Stuff

Sometimes recently, work is just overwhelming me. I think part of it is that I only have one day off a week. Another part of it is my co-worker. If I met her in a social situation, I would like her, but she makes it hard to work with her. Yesterday, I talked to her about something she wasn’t doing, and asked her if she could please start, she flat out said no. She’s been here a year, and has a harder time than most dealing with change. Before the conversation was over, there was yelling and Kyle had gotten involved in it at the point when she declared that he and I didn’t know what we where doing, and didn’t do our job. Now Kyle is of the opinion (and I’m glad) that I can take care of myself, so any disputes I might have I can deal with on my own. So, he stayed out of it until she said HE didn’t do his job.

In brighter work related news, I had an interview with a woman yesterday. I liked her, she’s older and her husband died a couple years ago, she is going stir crazy being at home all day everyday. That is the kind of employees I tend to like, the ones that don’t HAVE to work. She applied for this job because she wants this job, not because she needs full time work to survive. People who take a job just to get out of the house, tend to last a little better at part time work. You don’t have to worry about them leaving because they’re not getting enough hours etc.

Sadly I was unable to hire her on the spot. My boss had originally given me the go ahead to hire someone while he was out of town, but then some crap happened. The same girl from the start of this post, hired someone and scheduled them for training without talking to me. So I called my boss and got mad at him for letting it happen, and told him that the girl was only 18, known to not show up to her shifts at the restaurant sometimes, she doesn’t have her own transportation and she has on occasion gone and smoked a joint on her break. This is NOT the employee that I want. So, after all that crap, my boss decided that I couldn’t hire anyone until after he got back into town, because he wants to discuss it with me first.

Now for an amusing work related tale…

This guy called down to the Front Desk at 9:30. He asked about the free breakfast. I told him what was included and that it only ran until 10am. He asked “So as long as I order by like 9:59 it’s all good?” I said, “No, you have to pick up your coupon at the Front Desk by 10am”

So, at 10:06 the guy comes down and asks for his breakfast ticket.