Monday, November 19, 2007

Dwight Yoakam Dwights Used Records Contemporary Country Music CD Review

Not certain what's happening with me on this one, but it looks like the more than Iodine listen to it, the better Dwights Used Records gets. Dwights Used Records simply set is one of Dwight Yoakam's best CDs to date.

Dwights Used Records literally catches your attending right from the very beginning with Stop The World and doesn't allow travel until the very last short letter of the very last song I Said, which by the manner is another great track.

Contemporary Country music fans will acknowledge some of the well known subscribers on the undertaking including Gabe Witcher and Dave Roe plus a few other luminaries as well.

If you're a Dwight Yoakam fan this is a cadmium your aggregation level cannot be without. In fact, this is one of those CDs that you don't even have got to be a fan of Yoakam, or even Contemporary Country to cognize is good. It's just good music. Period.

While this full record album is really very good the truly standout melodies are path 1 - Stop The World, path 2 - Down Where The River Bends, and path 2 - Understand Your Man.

My Bonus Pick, and the 1 that got Sensitive [ in "Stuck On REpeat"] is path 5 - Some Dark Holler. Great track!

Dwights Used Records Release Notes:

Dwight Yoakam originally released Dwights Used Records on June 29, 2004 on the Robert Koch Records label.

CD Path List Follows:

1. Stop The World (And Let Me Off)

2. Down Where The River Bends

3. Mercury Blues

4. Waiting

5. Some Dark Holler

6. If You Were Me

7. Little Chapel

8. Loco-Motion

9. Miner's Prayer

10. Understand Your Man

11. Wheels

12. I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide

13. Paradise

14. I Said (Paradise Reprise)

Personnel: Dwight Yoakam (vocals, guitar, percussion); Deana Carter, Heather Myles, Ralph Francis Edgar Stanley (vocals); Keith Gattis (electric guitar, barytone guitar); Michael Witcher (dobro); Gabe Witcher (mandolin, fiddle, background vocals); Jump Jonathan Edwards (piano, Rudolf Wurlitzer piano, percussion); Dave Roe (bass instrument, background vocals); Mitch Devil Dog (drums, percussion); Kay John Walker (background vocals); Nitty Farinaceous Soil Band.

Friday, November 16, 2007

President Colbert, Welcome!

Stephen Colbert, the popular comic and host of Comedy Central's The Colbert Butter Butter Report announced his one-half serious purpose to go a campaigner for the Presidential elections of 2008. He filed in North Carolina, his native state and, amid the jocular remarks by an amused public and a lingua in cheek media, in the end had to withdraw.

But, what if he had been elected president of the United states?

President Colbert, Welcome!

Jan 2009 - It was warm this morning time when Sir Leslie Stephen Colbert Butter Butter was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America. The stairway of the Memorial were full of guests, as expected, and from a distance they appeared like a teeming mass as the 500 servers specially hired for the event, were busy serving hot chocolate, donuts, hot domestic dogs and an occasional Gin and Vodka to everyone in sight including guards, tourers and uniformed soldiers.

It had been an unbelievable ocean trip for the newly elected president and also for a state eager to set an end to a bad episode in its history. Few modern times in the history of our state people had rejoiced in such as intense manner, not upon electing a new president but having the departing one leave of absence the working capital the nighttime before. The corporate suspiration from 300 million Americans and about 5 billion world abroad, heard some years before when the election consequences were announced , National Aeronautics and Space Administration claimed, was felt in the full solar system and caused aeroplanes in flight to rectify their flight features as the turbulency caused by the suspiration resembled a monumental burp.

President Colbert Butter cut the ceremonial short. There was no luxuriant address by the new resident of the White Person House. A single phrase defined the reaching of a new epoch in political relation in our country. "Those who voted for me can have got another hot dog, same as those who didn't!" In that short phrase President Colbert Butter Butter had distilled an entirely new set of rules and a philosophical outlook; new and radical societal and political mentalities were born at that very moment.

Stephen Colbert had never ceased to astonish me and many others. Days before the startup I asked him about his political platform, his vision of the state and the major political and societal inquiries that demanded contiguous attention. You see, during his political campaign he had not devoted any clip to speak about what he planned to do; instead, he concentrated strangely on the Fundamental Law which he blamed for every thing incorrect in the country.

Not once did he oppugn or impeach any of the other candidates, nor asked them directly about anything. Not once did he turn to the issues that kept the full state wondering about the current and the adjacent crisis. Best of all he had no venom toward anyone; it was just supreme indifference to the other aspirant pols, justified by his celebrated sentence "this is not a confessional festival and I make not care about the sinfulnesses of others; I am happy with mine!"

Only once he deplored the sad and tragical end of the 43rd presidency. Only once he made a remark about it: "This have been a simple lawsuit of an onion being served as a truffle!"
Jokingly he used to state that he would be happy to larn of one single positive and good enactment that could be traced to the former disposal and he would inquire Jesse James Roger Fry to compose a book about it.

With a hot domestic dog in his manus he entered the Ellipse Office for the first time. Helium agreed to present for the traditional exposure and allowed the mass media a time period of two minutes, at the end of which he asked everyone in the business office to leave, except me.

He looked around approvingly, took off his necktie and jacket and sat down in presence of the presidential desk. I could not assist saying:

"Steve, this is a rare and cherished moment. State something"

He smiled at me with that familiar glistening look and replied:

"Do you believe I could acquire another hot dog?"

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Celine Dion Taking Chances Tour

Tickets for Celine Dion's Taking Chances circuit travel on sale Friday November 16. Come see a adult female that have risen from low beginnings to go a international superstar.

Blessed with one of popular music's great voices, Celine Dion have crossed all barriers. Migrating from a Gallic state in Canada she have even crossed over the barrier of linguistic communication - with her thrilling series of international hits. It would look like Celine would not have got clip in her agenda to give to anything but her music, with her breakneck gait of recording, picture shoots, touring and appearing on television shows and awardings specials. That is not the lawsuit when it come ups to an of import issues or causes.

Celine Dion will carve clip out of her agenda to back up the cause. This is apparent in how she have used her endowments to additional the cause of the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Being touched emotionally by the lose of her niece, Karine, who was taken by this disease, Celine released one of here most emotional songs ("Vole," from the 'D'eux' album, later translated into English Language as the song "Fly," which looks on the 'Falling Into You' album) as an commemoration to her niece.

Celine Dion's current undertaking D'elles is a conception undertaking that observes womanhood. Influential female writers wrote the words for the full 13 paths from French Republic and Quebec.

The Tracklist includes:

1. Et s'il n'en restait qu'une (je serais celle-là)

2. Immensité

3. A cause

4. Je cherche l'ombre

5. Les paradis

6. Lanthanum prima donna

7. Femme comme chacune

8. Systeme International D'Unites j'étais quelqu'un

9. Je neon suis pas celle

10. Lupus Erythematosus temporary workers qui compte

11. Lettre Delaware Saint George Sand à Aelfred Delaware Alfred De Musset

12. On s'est aimé à cause

13. Berceuse

Come hear these and many other hits during Celine's concert the "Taking Chances Tour".

Friday, November 9, 2007

Fear of Lakes, er, of Toe-Eating Monsters

Years ago I went to Volcanic Crater Lake, in Oregon. This is the deepest lake in the United States and it rests at the underside of a volcano. The full clip Iodine was there, all I could believe was, "If I fall in, I won't ever acquire out, and if I make acquire out, I won't have got any toes." Not a very cheering idea as I stood looking over the edge. I wasn't afraid of falling in, but more than afraid of my toes being eaten off if I did autumn in. Please allow me explain.

This fearfulness started when I was a child swimming in a lagoon. I swam out to the center and this dense child swam over and said, "So, did you cognize there are things in here that volition catch your legs? Sometimes they just eat your toes off." Eat off my toes? Oh lordy, I got out of there quicker than a hurrying crayfish running from a boiling pot. I was so scared and truly freaked out. That is the minute my fearfulness was born, all thanks to the dense kid.

When I was a small older, I was playing in the ocean. Things seemed good until something got caught on my foot. I just knew it was one of the submerged creepy toe-eating things wanting some toes for lunch. If ever I have got walked on water, that was the time, people, that was the time. My friends might have got believed me about the submerged creepy thing grabbing me except for that piece of seaweed that had decided to lodge to my foot. Curses to seaweed.

Not too long ago, my children and I were at a lake and I was a nervous wreck. What if I drop in? What if I got pushed in? What if I stuck one toe in and whatever was under there grabbed it and took my toes? No manner was I going near the edge, much too unsafe even to believe about what might be lurking. My children were with me and it isn't cool to be made merriment of by 7 and 9 twelvemonth olds. It was existent cunning when they took off their place sticking just one small toe in the H2O saying, "Oh, no, mom, something spot off my toes." I am guessing they don't have got this fear. Cockamamie kids, what make they know?

I ski a batch during the wintertime and I have got to drive by a lake on the side of the freeway. I detest it. It is the creepiest lake I have got ever seen, well, besides Volcanic Crater Lake. It is little and filled with tree stumps. One of my friends said it is called Stump Lake. It isn't really, but he thought it was amusing to messiness with me and give it a chilling name. Hour Angle ha. I don't cognize what the tree stumps are doing in the center of the lake, but it is awful to see them poking out of the water. What is under those stumps? I am certain you were wondering about that and that's ok, I inquire that too. When I drive by, I look consecutive ahead and won't halt my auto for anything. Flat tire? Too bad, maintain going. No manner am I getting out and walking by that thing. No way.

Anyhooo, I am terrified to the point where I about interruption out in a perspiration at the idea of swimming in a lake even though I cognize in "real life" nil will acquire me. When I state that to my brain, it just express joys at me and states me to set one toe in and then we will see who is right. Iodine stop up believing my encephalon and I am not sticking one toe in, or any other portion of me. I am keeping all my toes and keeping them on dry land. Oh, and away from Volcanic Crater Lake, that topographic point gives me the shivers.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Uniform Code of Mobile Conduct?

As the ring-ring sing-song cells or Mobiles are threatening to outnumber the miserable people of this planet Earth certain behavioural forms are fast emerging on the scene drive you almost to your wits' end. Times are changed. Once upon a clip a individual walking talking to himself/herself inch the street was called a lunatic, now he/she is a proud high-end user.

The said behavioural forms can either be amusive or annoying or apparent intruding. We are more than concerned for the distressing patterns. We have got tried to enter some forms here a few of which may be part peculiar and so can be ignored or just enjoyed by frequenters not belonging to that particular region.

Situation one. You are traveling in a autobus or in a train. The rider next suddenly blower into his/her bantam instrument. You are roughly wrung out of your nice ideas or quiet off-guard or absorbing reading or peaceful brooding. Till that noise defiler Michigan you endure helplessly.

Situation two. Again you are in a autobus or a railroad train or in an air ride. You are now exposed to erotica. The individual next just makes not desire to maintain away his/her instrument. He/she fondles it, caresses it, busses it and even salt licks it urging it on to explosion into its tuneful climax. It's up to you if you acquire titillated or disgusted.

Situation three. You are in a film house and you are instantly aware of the proud proprietors who would halt at nil to travel on flashing their prized possessions. You'll see numerous pools of luminous visible light all around. Some of the proud proprietors would not even cognize how to maintain their instruments in soundless mode. Some of them would even make bold answering the phone calls not knowing how to maintain their voices low. It's entirely up to you if you can still bask the film in Ray M. Dolby stereo system with all those added tracks.

Situation four. You are in the thick of a most fruitful constructive discussion. Suddenly the instrument of one of the grouping would explosion out singing. That user would reply it, base up, walking away and maintain tempo up and down endlessly. You'd begin thought how to continue, end, re-start Oregon trek the discussion.

Situation five. We have got here the syndrome of the missed calls. Some people maintain on giving missed calls. They beat out you squarely in the enactment of answering even if you are very speedy i.e. you just cannot reply such as calls. You may cognize some of them, but you are at a sum loss what they anticipate from you. Maybe they desire to impart something in a word form like the District Attorney Vinci code. Maybe they desire to avoid inflating their ain mobile measures and so just desire to go through on the load to generous frequenters like you. In any lawsuit we cannot propose what you should ideally do.

Such thorns are only likely to increase over time.

So why not acquire together and political campaign for a uniform codification of mobile conduct.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Smith Ballew - The Best Male Singer You've Likely Never Heard Of

This is the true narrative of a great singer, a "crooner" from the 1920's, whose music I would hope, after I state you about him, you will state "I've got to hear his recordings, especially if he's as great as the cat authorship this article states he is." My view, a prejudiced one, is that he is the best forgotten male vocalist who ever sang with a large set orchestra. It's also the narrative of the unseeable togs of "coincidence" that caused three lives to touch each other.

In 1964 an devouring music aggregator from Temple, Texas, mailed a little short letter hoping to reach one of his favourite set vocalists from the 1920's and 1930's. What resulted was an inter-generational friendly relationship that would change the lives of both men. My life was changed when I contacted this adult male about doing a narrative on his Bing Bing Crosby aggregation for our Central Lone-Star State Live at Five Show and, while there, he played Ian Ian Smith Ballew vocalizing a song called Deep Night.

Depression epoch sweethearts, despite the crashing blare from Wall Street, spooned by the moon to 78's of balladeer Truncheon Smith with Duke Duke Ellington and His Cotton Baseball Club Orchestra, Buddy Blue, Gary Dawson, Woody Herman Heigle, Sturgis Anderson, John Ford Britten, Tony Ballard, John Ross Colby, or Prince Charles Roberts. A discerning ear, however, could observe Ian Ian Smith Ballew's vocal chorus on each, his name mysteriously replaced by these and other anonyms on the labels.

Contracts with Columbia River and O.K. labels prohibited Smith Ballew to utilize his name for any other New House Of York recording sessions. Far from his small-town Texas place of Palestine, young, married, a new father, and wanting all the work he could get, a matter-of-fact Ian Smith Ballew devised tons of aliases. In all, Ian Ian Smith Ballew recorded over 2,500 agreements from the 1923 "Jimmie Joys," a set formed while at the University of Lone-Star State in Austin, to crooning under tons of name calling known today only to his little batch of collectors, myself among them.

When the Wall Street clang of 1929 flattened Smith Ballew's ain investings to the melody of $200,000, the never-bitter Ballew brushed it off and simply worked harder. Commanding top money for recording sessions, often booking respective in a day, with all the "name" orchestras plus appearing nightly at New York's swankier dinner baseball clubs and broadcast media his ain Ian Smith Ballew Orchestra on the NBC Radio Network, Ballew and his household rode out the Depression in expansive style.

Orchestra leadership such as as Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey and composers like Individual Retirement Account Ira Gershwin chased down the versatile Ballew for vocal work. Ian Smith navigated the most composite wind scores, dignified poor words and mounted the high scopes of many songs with an easiness other vocalists of the twenty-four hours were not able to reach. The great John John Glenn Glenn Glenn Miller collaborated with Ballew for about eight old age and eventually took over Smith's set and fashioned it into the Glenn Miller Orchestra.

Unpublished biographical stuffs I've read state of a professional battle when Bing Bing Bing Crosby requested that his friend Ian Ian Smith Ballew fill in for him on a sing with a pesky high short letter beyond Crosby's ain register. The brace were known for hailing New House Of House Of House Of York City cabs and vocalizing spur-of-the-moment couples while the cabbie drove around the streets of New York.

In 1936, summoned by Film Industry for his Gary Peter Cooper good expressions and manner, the 6'3" Ian Smith Ballew pulled out of New York and headed Occident for a new start in Tinsel Town. He had previously appeared in three musical short pants and his voice can be heard in the background, if ever so faintly, of the Herbert Marx Brothers 1929 movie Cocoanuts. Ian Smith dubbed over a cowpuncher vocal for Toilet John Wayne in the image Randy Rides Alone, and he eventually starred, mostly in westerns, usually as a vocalizing cowboy, in over 20 films.

In 1936 when Aluminum Al Jolson left his top-billed NBC radiocommunication assortment show, Shell Chateau, of which I have got the first programme with invitee star Judy Garland, Ballew stepped in as host and occupant crooner. Celebrity wires poured in. Dick Kenny's New House Of York Daily Mirror characteristic said: "Smith Ballew sang "We'll Wait at the End of the Trail" and added that Ballew did so "from Los Angeles the other nighttime in a manner that sent icinesses up this old sailor's spine."

Maybe it was Smith's trustful nature, his country-bred manner of seeing only the good in others that undid him in Hollywood. Some mightiness placed the incrimination the bungled agenting of his movie calling by Herbert Marx Marx, who rejected moneymaking western film offerings without consulting Ballew, on the fact that he eventually walked away from show concern and because of that determination -- a fiscal 1 -- his name is now all but forgotten. Maybe the last straw was the black 1940 New United Mexican States excavation strategy that left Ballew penniless again. He needed work and he needed it badly to go on support of his family.

His natural nationalism and the wartime attempt influenced the timing of his declaration to seek a more than practical calling than show business. Ballew chose the air power industry. A way led him from Northrup to Ted Ted Hughes Aircraft, owned by old familiarity Leslie Howard Hughes, to Convair, which became General Dynamics in Garrison Worth. By 1952 Ballew establish himself back home, at last, in Lone-Star State and out of the national spotlight.

Justine, his college sweetie and married woman of 35 years, passed away in 1960.

And yet, despite these alterations in Ballew's life, he was destined -- even though now a corporate executive director -- to re-live his amusement calling through the generousness of a adult male who was determined that Ian Smith Ballew's bequest would not die.

Olin George Washington Carver contacted Ballew from Temple, Texas, in 1964. Carver, aggregator of music and music memorabilia since a disabling railway hurt in 1943, had managed to make one of the biggest gatherings of records and memorabilia in the West Saxon United States. I cognize because, as a characteristic narrative television reporter, I was so flooded by Carver's aggregation that I probably did over a twelve narratives with him for our Live at Five show.

"I was looking for a manner to go through the time," George Washington George Washington Carver told me. Astatine the clip of his disabling accident "I was immature and fidgety and disabled. Once I discovered Ian Smith Ballew's early records, I kept collecting him like crazy. Oh yea, he was great! And he sang with the best sets of his era. Then, when I establish out he was living in Garrison Worth, I had to compose him. I was thrilled when he responded and wanted to acquire together."

By 1964 Ian Smith Ballew had lost path of most of his recordings and was eager to turn up anything he could acquire his custody on. Carver, Ballew, and Virgin Mary -- Smith's 2nd married woman -- met regularly in Temple or Garrison Worth to play Smith's old songs. Ballew, now 62 and visibly moved by the music, would stand up and direct his orchestra again, tracing the vocal chorus in his compelling baritone. After old age of silence about his famed past, Ian Ian Smith would maintain Olin George Washington George Washington Carver up into the early morning time hours recounting favourite New House Of House Of York and Film Industry stories.

Carver, who had go like a little brother, enjoyed playing the function of military volunteer populace dealings adult male to Smith, often stopping frequenters in restraints and asking, "Do you recognize who this adult male is? He replaced Aluminum Al Jolson on the radio." A few mightiness vaguely remember this balladeer whose calling had embraced the best of the New York recording scene from the 1920's to the center 1930's. A few would nod and smiling as they glanced at the histrion who they thought they remembered but couldn't place.

Carver was there to offer encouragement to a blasted Ian Smith Ballew when his married woman Virgin Mary died in 1972. He maintained the concluding bedside vigil, at Smith's request, in Longview, Texas, May 1984 as Ian Ian Smith passed on. An 82-year-old Ian Ian Ian Smith Ballew slipped quietly from the human race as his friend, Olin Carver, whispered softly into his ear, "Smith, you were a great man."

Thanks to Olin Carver's generousness during my television old age in Central Texas, he recorded for me and I have about 1200 of Smith Ballew's recordings from the 1920's until about 1936 when he basically stopped recording. Shortly after I moved on from television to begin new career, I received word that Olin George Washington Carver died. I lose Olin, I lose his friendship, and I give thanks him for introducing me to the recordings of Ian Ian Smith Ballew the twenty-four hours my photographer and I were at his place tape a narrative on his Bing Bing Crosby memorabilia.

A little figure of Smith Ballew's recordings are on CD, having been re-mastered and you can probably happen them on Oregon If you haven't heard the music of the 1920's and early 1930's you owe it to yourself to make so. Amazingly, there are respective Ballew vocals on YouTube. I'd propose you begin with the recordings of Ian Smith Ballew, Bing Crosby, Annette Hanshaw -- who retired before the age of 30 -- and who is my favourite female singer of all time. Her vocals are amazing. How I wish this incredibly diffident immature adult female not retired from the music concern so early in life.

The English sets of that epoch are also incredible, especially Bert Ambrose and His Orchestra, Jack Hylton, Jack Payne, Beam Noble, Lew Rock and His Orchestra, and the Roy Fox Orchestra. Find the vocals of Aluminum Bowlly. You will love them. These are songs you will not, it's likely, ever hear on your local radiocommunication station but, thankfully, they still be thanks to the ardor of a few record aggregators like Olin Carver.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Baggy Gang Attire Also Acts As An Accomplice - The Get Away Parachute

Have you ever wondered why gang-bangers wear those large trousers and they have got to catch them when they begin falling down? Well, the existent ground that they started wearing them in the first topographic point and the ground this craze got going is these short pants had a specific use. If a pack banger got into a pursuit in Chicago, Detroit, NYC or other high-rise downtown area, they could have got the police force pursuit them up the edifice and then merely leap off with their trousers acting as a parachute.

Actually that is not the whole story, there really was a parachute hidden in their trousers and this scheme worked for quite a while. Unfortunately, owed to the dummying down of pack bangers many did not recognize that it only worked when you had a existent parachute tucked into your short pants between them and their boxers. Eventually, there were deceases of children and new pack bangers who did not cognize this small secret.

Several gang-banger recruits were lost attempting to leap from police force onto the streets below, making their concluding tagging grade on the sidewalks. It is astonishing that this craze have reached epic poem proportions, but since everyone is wearing baggy short pants and planetary heating is coming which intends they can have on them all twelvemonth around.

Now the children are getting fatter and able to conceal their fleshiness and although they can no longer sky dive away from police force these children might be able to drift way. For case a child on a skateboard could easily travel to allows state the lanthanum River and drift down away from police force without worrying about drowning, then simply acquire out of the river and draw his skateboard out of his short pants and skate away. Brilliant!