Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Baggy Gang Attire Also Acts As An Accomplice - The Get Away Parachute

Have you ever wondered why gang-bangers wear those large trousers and they have got to catch them when they begin falling down? Well, the existent ground that they started wearing them in the first topographic point and the ground this craze got going is these short pants had a specific use. If a pack banger got into a pursuit in Chicago, Detroit, NYC or other high-rise downtown area, they could have got the police force pursuit them up the edifice and then merely leap off with their trousers acting as a parachute.

Actually that is not the whole story, there really was a parachute hidden in their trousers and this scheme worked for quite a while. Unfortunately, owed to the dummying down of pack bangers many did not recognize that it only worked when you had a existent parachute tucked into your short pants between them and their boxers. Eventually, there were deceases of children and new pack bangers who did not cognize this small secret.

Several gang-banger recruits were lost attempting to leap from police force onto the streets below, making their concluding tagging grade on the sidewalks. It is astonishing that this craze have reached epic poem proportions, but since everyone is wearing baggy short pants and planetary heating is coming which intends they can have on them all twelvemonth around.

Now the children are getting fatter and able to conceal their fleshiness and although they can no longer sky dive away from police force these children might be able to drift way. For case a child on a skateboard could easily travel to allows state the lanthanum River and drift down away from police force without worrying about drowning, then simply acquire out of the river and draw his skateboard out of his short pants and skate away. Brilliant!

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