Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Who Says You Can't Go Home?

Well the trip was certainly interesting, 11pm the first night, about 30 miles out of Prince George, where we where scheduled to stay the night, the ball fell off the truck and the U-Haul started dragging on the road. That was a pretty little light show. After a very expensive tow, we finally got to bed around 1am.

Day two was a lot less exciting. We left Prince George at 9:30. We had to pull over several times because my sister was insanly sleepy. Turns out that instead of an alergy pill, she took an anti-nausia pill before the trip. Grrrrreat!!! We got to my parents around 8pm last night. Talk about a long day in the car.

Good news though, I have a job! I sent out one resume last week, and had an interview with them this morning at 10am, and was offered the job. I will be working for Sutherland Global Services. They do support for E-Bay. So basically, I will be one of the people who closes down illegal E-Bay auctions and reads and replies to emails from E-Bay customers. I start work at 6:30 September 11th! That gives me a few days off to relax, but I won't be stressing out over needing a job. The only bad thing is the 6:30 start time, it's an hour drive to and from work, so I'll need to get up at 5am on days I work a morning shift. Yick.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Today's The Day

I am leaving Fort St. John today, and with a little luck, I will never be back. We are going to drive about 4 hours today, then stay the night at my sisters friends house, then tomorrow we will drive the remaining 8 hours.

I already have a job interview. Wednesday, I go in and interview at Global Sutherland. They are a call center that deals with both phone calls and email, and they hold the contract for Ebay. So basically, if I get the job (which I will) anyone who has to phone or email ebay with a problem, runs the risk of having to deal with me! I'm so excited, and I am so confident that I'll get the job that I'm not even nervous about the interview.

There are only two things I will miss about Fort St. John and that is Nikki and Vanessa. However, Nikki's mom and Vanessa's sister live in Kelowna, so it's not as though I will never see either of them again, just not as often. Thank GOD for Email and Telephones!

Well, it's about time to go get the U-haul. Everyone wish me luck in this horrid drive I'm about to make! 12 hours in a car alone, nothing to keep me company but my iPod! Booo!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Different Kind of List

This list is a little less thrilling than the last. This is a list of all the things that have gone wrong in the 3 weeks since Kyle and I made the decision to move and he left for Winnipeg.

1) Monetary Support Fell Through

2) Job Kyle Had Lined Up Fell Through

3) Car Broke Down to the Tune of $934, Causing Me To Need To Both Cash In My Vacation Pay, but Also Take A $250 Advance Against My Final Paycheck

4) Need New Wheel Bearings Before Move ($100 - $150)

5) $400 Cell Phone Bill Due to Afghanistan Calls

6) Because of Car, Final Paycheck Will Cover ONLY Mandatory Bills, Leaving Moving Expenses 100% Up To How Much Kyle’s Mom Sends

7) Kyle Fainted During First Day at New Job. Trip to ER Revealed That He Has Life Threatening Sleep Apnea. Needs To Stay In Hospital 2-3 Days

8) Training At New Job May Be Rescheduled For September 1st. Meaning the $900 We Where Counting On From His Paycheck is Non Existent.

Monday, August 14, 2006

The List

Ok, so there is this episode of Friends, (Season 3, Episode 5) where everyone comes up with a Freebie List. This is a list of people (preferably famous) that they are allowed to hook up with without it being considered cheating… So, I decided to make a list of my own!

So, here is the list of 5 guys that I think are HOT, that Kyle can’t get mad at me if I sleep with! This is in no particular order!

Kenny Chesney

Channing Tatum

Tim McGraw

Paul Walker

Nick Zano

Note to Female Readers: Just in case you didn’t notice, there are two pictures of each of these guys, one linked to the first name and one linked to the last.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bad Just Got Worse

So, last Wednesday, they ordered in my new alternator. I still hadn't heard anything more about my car, so I called today. Well, I guess they changed the alternator, and my battery which where both bad, and my car still doesn't run. AWESOME! $700 worth of shit done to my car and IT DOESNT RUN!!!

I can't afford the first $700, now, on top of that, I have to pay for them to figure out what is wrong with my car still, and then pay for them to fix it. Grrrrrrrrreat!

Silver Lining

Kyle got a call from Shaw Cable today. They have all the paperwork drawn up for him to sign. His first day of work for them is the 15th.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006


I've been a good girl so far. I've already packed 5 boxes and a HUGE tupperware bin of stuff. All my pictures and knick knacks (other than the few I missed and keep coming across) are packed up. All my DVDs are packed. I even packed one of my sets of dishes.

And yet...

I doesn't feel like I've done a damn thing. I look around my house and there is still SO much stuff to be packed. Blah, moving sucks serious ass!

On the bright side, unpacking shouldn't be too horrible. I've been very religious about marking on every box exactly what is in it. So we won't run into the fun issue of digging through 10 boxes to find something.

Did I mention that packing sucks? Anyone want to do it for me?

Saturday, August 5, 2006

The Good ,The Bad and The Ugly

The Good

Kyle got a job in Winnipeg finally! Maybe even two! He for sure has a job starting Tuesday, for Convergys, which is a call center that handles Tech Support for Comcast. He has worked for them before and didn’t enjoy it much, they micromanage, so you have to sign in and out when you go pee…. literally. He is also at the head of a short line for a job with Shaw Cable. If he gets that job, they pay better, they focus on having a “positive, fun and friendly” work place, and he could possibly transfer to Kelowna at some point. He really wants that job, but won’t know for sure until the middle of next week, and it wouldn’t start until the following Monday. So just to be safe, he’s going to go in to Convergys on Tuesday.

The Bad

The verdict is in on my car. I need a new alternator, a new alternator belt and a new battery. All that, plus an oil change is going to come out to around $700 when all is said and done. This really sucks because right now, between Kyle and I, I am the only one getting any money until the end of the month. So my paycheck has to feed us both, and my paycheck is only $754. So that works out to Kyle and I each getting $27. My 27 dollars has to not only feed me, but put gas in my stupid car! I think I’ll be cashing in my vacation pay!

The Ugly

Yesterday I got a $400 cell phone bill in the mail. I just about had a freakin heart attack! Turns out that $90 of that was overdue from our last bill, but still, $300 for one bloody month? Turns out, Kyle was making calls to his mom. He figured it wouldn’t cost much because he was just staying on the line long enough to tell her to call him back. Well, with international calls, there isn’t per second billing, it’s per minute. So, my phone bill contains about 25 one or two minutes calls to Afghanistan at $3.12 per minute. 31 minutes of calls at $3.12 a minute adds up to $96.72. Then once you factor in all the times he called me long distance during the day at 25 cents a minute…. Adds up pretty fast.

The Summary

We made all our decisions and Kyle moved off to Winnipeg based on us being able to save for a month as well as being given $2000 for the move. Once he got to Winnipeg, the job he had lined up fell through, my car broke down, and the $2000 turned into $600. It’s going to be a stressful couple of months coming up!

Thursday, August 3, 2006

Small Talk 101 - The Weather

The weather here has taken a turn for the worse. It’s been in the single digits (to you Americans, “the 40s”) for three or four days now, and the 5 day forecast shows it staying at a daily low of 6 (42) every day until Monday, when the low will be 9 (48). Ok, so I know what you’re thinking (I don’t actually, but wouldn’t that we pretty funky?) anyways, as I was saying… just because there are lows of 6 (42) doesn’t mean its not hot during the day…. It’s not! The highs range from 17 (62) to 21 (69) and it has been raining pretty much every damn day.

Isn’t the beginning of August supposed to be the HOTTEST time of the year? Lets have us look back at August 3rd, for a few years back and see what Fort St. John weather is usually like.

2005 – High 22 (73) Low 8 (48)

2004 – High 22 (73) Low 14 (57)

2003 – High 20 (68) Low 9 (49)

2002 – High 13 (55) Low 5 (41)

2001 – High 18 (64) Low 11 (51)

2000 – High 23 (74) Low 13 (55)

Ok, so maybe it isn’t just this summer. This place is just ass cold! What happened to Global Warming? Did it miss my town? On the flip side of that, lets have a look at the weather where I am moving next month….

Today – High 28 (84) Low 15 (59)

2005 – High 25 (84) Low 3 (39)

2004 – High 29 (85) Low 15 (59)

2003 – High 32 (89) Low 10 (50)

2002 – High 22 (71) Low 4 (39)

2001 – High 23 (73) Low 11 (51)

2000 – High 30 (86) Low 13 (55)

Slightly more summery temperatures if you ask me!

Sorry for this post about the weather, it was either this or do a post about my sex dream staring Kenny Chesney! That's what I get for going to sleep with the iPod on!