Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Who Says You Can't Go Home?

Well the trip was certainly interesting, 11pm the first night, about 30 miles out of Prince George, where we where scheduled to stay the night, the ball fell off the truck and the U-Haul started dragging on the road. That was a pretty little light show. After a very expensive tow, we finally got to bed around 1am.

Day two was a lot less exciting. We left Prince George at 9:30. We had to pull over several times because my sister was insanly sleepy. Turns out that instead of an alergy pill, she took an anti-nausia pill before the trip. Grrrrreat!!! We got to my parents around 8pm last night. Talk about a long day in the car.

Good news though, I have a job! I sent out one resume last week, and had an interview with them this morning at 10am, and was offered the job. I will be working for Sutherland Global Services. They do support for E-Bay. So basically, I will be one of the people who closes down illegal E-Bay auctions and reads and replies to emails from E-Bay customers. I start work at 6:30 September 11th! That gives me a few days off to relax, but I won't be stressing out over needing a job. The only bad thing is the 6:30 start time, it's an hour drive to and from work, so I'll need to get up at 5am on days I work a morning shift. Yick.

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