Saturday, December 23, 2006

Happy Holidays

So, I've been pretty much spending all my spare time with the new boyfriend. Christmas day we will have been going out for exactly 1 month. Sometimes I think about it and it seems like we've been going out way longer, like I've known him way longer, other times, I can't believe it's been a month already. Time has been going so quickly.

We have similar days off. He works 10 hour shifts, so he has Monday Tuesday and Wednesday off, I have Tuesday and Wednesday off, so he meets me at work when I get off on Monday, and we do something in town, then go to my house, and he stays with me until Wednesday, when we head back into town, do something, then go hang out at his house until way to late at night, then I come home, and get nowhere near enough sleep and start my work week off ass tired. I love every minute of it.

We laugh a lot when we're together, and just have a lot of fun in general. A girl at work made a comment to me that she thinks we seem more like best friends than like we're a couple. I really liked that comment. Of course, she only sees us interact on the work floor. She doesn't see all the making out and cuddling and hand holding. We are totally one of those couples that you see and they make you want to puke. Generally, we're only like that when we're alone though, not when we're hanging out with friends.

I also like that we actually go out and do stuff. So far, we've gone to 1 movie, played pool twice, and gone bowling twice. We've also gone out to eat more often than I care to mention lol. I'm absolutely crazy about this guy. He makes me feel great, and makes me laugh and makes me smile and I feel completely comfortable and at ease with him. I am constantly looking forward to the next time I get to see him outside of work. Which is in this case tomorrow.

Tis the holiday season. The season of eating too much Turkey, and holy crap is that ringing true this year. THREE turkey dinners for Kyle and I! Last night we had Turkey Dinner with his parents and brothers. Christmas day we are going to his Grandmothers for Turkey Dinner and Boxing Day (Day after Christmas in Canada) we are having yet another Turkey Dinner at my parents house. Just to mix things up a little, on Christmas Eve, I am going to Kelowna to have Chinese Food with my two sisters and my nephew. I'm pretty psyched for it all. I just wish I didn't work so much if it. I work every day, including Christmas. I get off at 4pm on the 25th and have the 26th and 27th off.

Well speaking of work, it's time for me to go to it. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season full of love and presents.