Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I'm A Messed Up Hooker Who Never Brushes My Hair!

What Are You?

Okay..Pick your Birthmonth:

you're a..

january- talented

febuary- lowlife

march- immature

apil- wild

may- exciting

june- weird

july- selfish

august- hot

september- scary

october- messed up

november- cool


now pick the color shirt you have on

pink- cupcake sales person

blue- hooker

red- bartender

green- Celebrity

purple- Mc Donalds worker

white- slut

yellow- taxi driver

black- chef

orange- homeless

gray- stipper

no shirt- millionare

other- toe nail clipper

LAST...the day you were born

1- that loves food

2- that hates kids

3- that needs attention

4- that is a murderer

5- who sucks at reading

6- who strips to pay for bills

7- who kills kids

8- who goes to dunkin donuts everyday

9- that loves laguna beach

10- that is OCD with something

11- that is cheating on someone for $$

12- who never brushes their hair

13- who licks peoples toes

14- who loves his gf/bf

15- that wants to be in love

16- who is secretly bi

17- that is a whore

18- who is anorexic

19- that wants a vibrator

20- that owns two chinese fighting fish

21- that wants to have chinese food

22- that is obsessed with hi5

23- who loves cats

24- who wants sex

25- who is a bookworm

26- who will never have sex

27- who is a drug addict

28- who will live to be 121

29- who takes naked pictures of themselves

30- who will stay in the same place forever

31- who needs to brush their teeth