Monday, August 28, 2006

Today's The Day

I am leaving Fort St. John today, and with a little luck, I will never be back. We are going to drive about 4 hours today, then stay the night at my sisters friends house, then tomorrow we will drive the remaining 8 hours.

I already have a job interview. Wednesday, I go in and interview at Global Sutherland. They are a call center that deals with both phone calls and email, and they hold the contract for Ebay. So basically, if I get the job (which I will) anyone who has to phone or email ebay with a problem, runs the risk of having to deal with me! I'm so excited, and I am so confident that I'll get the job that I'm not even nervous about the interview.

There are only two things I will miss about Fort St. John and that is Nikki and Vanessa. However, Nikki's mom and Vanessa's sister live in Kelowna, so it's not as though I will never see either of them again, just not as often. Thank GOD for Email and Telephones!

Well, it's about time to go get the U-haul. Everyone wish me luck in this horrid drive I'm about to make! 12 hours in a car alone, nothing to keep me company but my iPod! Booo!

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