Saturday, August 5, 2006

The Good ,The Bad and The Ugly

The Good

Kyle got a job in Winnipeg finally! Maybe even two! He for sure has a job starting Tuesday, for Convergys, which is a call center that handles Tech Support for Comcast. He has worked for them before and didn’t enjoy it much, they micromanage, so you have to sign in and out when you go pee…. literally. He is also at the head of a short line for a job with Shaw Cable. If he gets that job, they pay better, they focus on having a “positive, fun and friendly” work place, and he could possibly transfer to Kelowna at some point. He really wants that job, but won’t know for sure until the middle of next week, and it wouldn’t start until the following Monday. So just to be safe, he’s going to go in to Convergys on Tuesday.

The Bad

The verdict is in on my car. I need a new alternator, a new alternator belt and a new battery. All that, plus an oil change is going to come out to around $700 when all is said and done. This really sucks because right now, between Kyle and I, I am the only one getting any money until the end of the month. So my paycheck has to feed us both, and my paycheck is only $754. So that works out to Kyle and I each getting $27. My 27 dollars has to not only feed me, but put gas in my stupid car! I think I’ll be cashing in my vacation pay!

The Ugly

Yesterday I got a $400 cell phone bill in the mail. I just about had a freakin heart attack! Turns out that $90 of that was overdue from our last bill, but still, $300 for one bloody month? Turns out, Kyle was making calls to his mom. He figured it wouldn’t cost much because he was just staying on the line long enough to tell her to call him back. Well, with international calls, there isn’t per second billing, it’s per minute. So, my phone bill contains about 25 one or two minutes calls to Afghanistan at $3.12 per minute. 31 minutes of calls at $3.12 a minute adds up to $96.72. Then once you factor in all the times he called me long distance during the day at 25 cents a minute…. Adds up pretty fast.

The Summary

We made all our decisions and Kyle moved off to Winnipeg based on us being able to save for a month as well as being given $2000 for the move. Once he got to Winnipeg, the job he had lined up fell through, my car broke down, and the $2000 turned into $600. It’s going to be a stressful couple of months coming up!

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