Friday, November 9, 2007

Fear of Lakes, er, of Toe-Eating Monsters

Years ago I went to Volcanic Crater Lake, in Oregon. This is the deepest lake in the United States and it rests at the underside of a volcano. The full clip Iodine was there, all I could believe was, "If I fall in, I won't ever acquire out, and if I make acquire out, I won't have got any toes." Not a very cheering idea as I stood looking over the edge. I wasn't afraid of falling in, but more than afraid of my toes being eaten off if I did autumn in. Please allow me explain.

This fearfulness started when I was a child swimming in a lagoon. I swam out to the center and this dense child swam over and said, "So, did you cognize there are things in here that volition catch your legs? Sometimes they just eat your toes off." Eat off my toes? Oh lordy, I got out of there quicker than a hurrying crayfish running from a boiling pot. I was so scared and truly freaked out. That is the minute my fearfulness was born, all thanks to the dense kid.

When I was a small older, I was playing in the ocean. Things seemed good until something got caught on my foot. I just knew it was one of the submerged creepy toe-eating things wanting some toes for lunch. If ever I have got walked on water, that was the time, people, that was the time. My friends might have got believed me about the submerged creepy thing grabbing me except for that piece of seaweed that had decided to lodge to my foot. Curses to seaweed.

Not too long ago, my children and I were at a lake and I was a nervous wreck. What if I drop in? What if I got pushed in? What if I stuck one toe in and whatever was under there grabbed it and took my toes? No manner was I going near the edge, much too unsafe even to believe about what might be lurking. My children were with me and it isn't cool to be made merriment of by 7 and 9 twelvemonth olds. It was existent cunning when they took off their place sticking just one small toe in the H2O saying, "Oh, no, mom, something spot off my toes." I am guessing they don't have got this fear. Cockamamie kids, what make they know?

I ski a batch during the wintertime and I have got to drive by a lake on the side of the freeway. I detest it. It is the creepiest lake I have got ever seen, well, besides Volcanic Crater Lake. It is little and filled with tree stumps. One of my friends said it is called Stump Lake. It isn't really, but he thought it was amusing to messiness with me and give it a chilling name. Hour Angle ha. I don't cognize what the tree stumps are doing in the center of the lake, but it is awful to see them poking out of the water. What is under those stumps? I am certain you were wondering about that and that's ok, I inquire that too. When I drive by, I look consecutive ahead and won't halt my auto for anything. Flat tire? Too bad, maintain going. No manner am I getting out and walking by that thing. No way.

Anyhooo, I am terrified to the point where I about interruption out in a perspiration at the idea of swimming in a lake even though I cognize in "real life" nil will acquire me. When I state that to my brain, it just express joys at me and states me to set one toe in and then we will see who is right. Iodine stop up believing my encephalon and I am not sticking one toe in, or any other portion of me. I am keeping all my toes and keeping them on dry land. Oh, and away from Volcanic Crater Lake, that topographic point gives me the shivers.

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