Friday, October 20, 2006

So I Was Wondering........

At work, I sit near Timbra, Barika and Kyle. On his break, Kyle was talking to Timbra and made some comment about activities of a sexual nature with another guy. Now this is not the first such comment I have heard. So, at lunch, I asked Timbra if Kyle was gay. She said she didn't think so, because he'd seemed to really enjoy it when she took him to the female stippers a couple months back. Barika agreed that she didn't think he was gay either. However, neither of them was possitive.

After lunch, I was the first one back, so it was just Kyle and I at out cubicle block. So I ask 'Hey Kyle, you're not gay are you?' Turns out he isn't, but the whole situation and his reaction was rather hillarious. When Timbra came back from lunch he points at her and goes 'ask Timbra' so I tell him 'I did, she said she didn't think so'. Poor Timbra had no clue what was going on when he gaped at her and said 'you don't THINK so?' I told him that he should just be glad I asked instead of assuming he was gay and telling everyone.

Of course, being the kind of guy he is, he made jokes about his being gay all the rest of the shift. He seemed to get a kick out of telling just about everyone that I'd asked him if he was gay.

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