Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I Robot

So, I got bored the other day, and messaged a few random people on ICQ. One of these people actually responded. User ID GGC which I have decided means that his name is Gustav Giuseppe Cokamukalik. Anyways, Gustav and I talked for a bit, he asked me what I did for fun, one of the things I responded with was reading. So, he asked me if I had read any good books recently. I told him I had recently read, the DaVinci Code, as well as Cradle and All. He indicated that he too had read DaVinci Code and enjoyed it and asked me about the other book. All in all it was a rather normal conversation. After a bit, we ran into an issue I've had before on ICQ.... I wasn't getting all his messages. It's a glitch I've noticed with ICQ, if someone is not on my contact list, I don't always get their messages. So, since I was enjoying the conversation, and getting annoyed by the glitch, I sent a request to add him.

He declined!

He said it was nothing personal, but that he was leery of adding bots to his ICQ list.... Bot? I come across as a bot? I mentioned this to someone else I was chatting with, and he speculated that Gustav was most likely confused by the fact that I use full sentences and relatively good grammar when chatting. I don't use the common net speak or lots of abbreviations. I start sentences with capital letter, I use commas and I end a sentence with a period. Anyways, the part I found the most odd, was that he said he wouldn't add me because he was relatively sure that I was a robot giving automated responses based on what he typed.... however he was “happy to keep talking” if I wanted.

So we talk for a while longer, about my work and his work etc. I use every chance possible to throw in a joke about me being a robot! After a while he asks me to do him a favor and go to a website and tell him what is written in the last balloon. He doesn't say as much, but I'm pretty sure that this is my final “are you a robot” test. Well the website doesn't come through, because I don't receive links from people not on my list, so I tell him that he has to disguise the fact that it's a link. He tells me to go to dieselsweeties with a 3x w and a dot com. I go to the site, which is a web comic and then type into the chat window “I'm still most of a person” he responds with “well most is good I guess lol” Then goes on with the conversation, so I'm like “um that was the line you wanted, the last balloon on the page” to which he replies “Okay, here's the thing, it isn't”

So I go back to the page and look, and nope, there are no more balloons anywhere on the page. I assure him that it is in fact the text from the last balloon. I tell him “there is a red head and a brunette talking about drinking, and red is drunk and brun. is giving her a hard time about it, and then in the last balloon red says “I'm still most of a person””

It's a bit before he says anything again. When finally he does he says “Wow do I have egg on my face” As it turns out, in the time between him checking the site, and me getting there, they updated to the new days cartoon!!! So a minute before when he was there, the last balloon read “More like the Quixoti Narcotic” but by the time I got to the newly updated site, the last balloon was “I am still most of a person”

I thought that was hilarious! What are the odds of that? I joked that he was a jackass, and he added me to his contact list haha.

That's what he gets for saying I have the conversational skills of an automated response program! hehe

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