Thursday, October 12, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me

Well, it's official, I'm a quarter of a century old today. Perhaps it is a sign of maturity that I would rather stay home and have a quite evening with my family than go to the bar or to the casino or to strippers.

Bwahahahahaha Okay, anyone who bought that doesn't know me very well at all! Or know that staying home with my family is usually anything but quiet. Especially if you get my older sister Lori and I together. She was here last weekend for Thanksgiving, and we where both laughing until we had tears running down our faces. The rest of my family is pretty fun too. A couple weeks ago, I lent Lori, Season One of Desperate Housewives. At dinner, we're talking about it, and she asks me if I have Sex in the City also. Our conversation had been kind of excluding everyone else, at the mention of Sex in the City, my dad takes the opportunity to pitch in by saying “I don't remember, but I know I had sex in a tent once”. I threw a piece of broccoli at him!

The other truth is that if Adrienne was up in this area, we'd have used my recent days off to go out and get absolutely sloshed. She'd hit on sexy... hot... cute... mildly attractive... random guys, and I'd admire hot guys from a distance like the faithful finacee that I am.

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