Thursday, October 26, 2006

Weekend (Sorta)

I had an awesome “weekend”. I don’t care what days of the week I have off, it’s my weekend. I went and stayed a couple nights at my sisters for her birthday, and got not nearly enough sleep. The first night I was there, I wound up staying up until after 1am, then woke up around 7:30 and was up for the day. Last night I stayed up until after midnight playing video games with my nephew and had to get up to come to work at 6:30. I feel just a wee bit tired today. I got “enough” sleep, but not as much as I usually do.

Yesterday, Lori and I pretty much just chilled. We hung around the house, watched TV, surfed the net and chatted. After Scott got home from school, the three of us went out for dinner. It was really good food. Would have been even better if Scott had have paid attention to prices and not ordered a $28 entrée. His came to more than Lori and mine did combined! Shesh, teenagers! Hehe We all made ourselves a bit ill after eating a entire 8” Ice Cream Cake from DQ.

Scott and I get along pretty good, and both like video games and trying to kick each others ass at snowboarding and surfing etc. This is a very good thing since at the end of the month I’ll be staying with him for a few days while Lori goes out of town for Christmas shopping.

I got some pretty freakin’ awesome news today when I got to work. Made having to work while being ass tired all worth while. Work did a 50/50 draw to raise money for the first ever set of conjoined twins born in British Columbia. I won! I actually bloody won! I never win anything, I’m so stoked. I got $300!

I have to say, that between spending time with some of my family on my days off, and getting a $300 return on my $5 investment…. I had a pretty damn good weekend.

The only bad news I have today, is that I feel like shit. Not “didn’t get enough sleep” bad, but sick bad. My throat is killing me, I looked in the mirror in the bathroom and my throat is all swollen, my uvula is actually sitting on the back of my tongue. It kills every time I swallow. However, on the bright side, $300 will buy me lots of lozenges!

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