Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Points to Ponder

I'm in a little bit of shock today. I was talking to Kyle today, when he announced, rather flippantly, that he has decided he is never having children. Apparently, observing his friends children has brought him to the conclusion that kids are noisy, annoying and expensive.

I'm sure that the behavior has nothing to do with the source of the offspring. The one chick is on kid 3, with guy 3, before age 15 and has a habit of ditching the kids with whoever she can whenever she can. The other couple with kids, is married, he is bisexual, they are both permitted to fool around with other people as long as there is no vaginal intercourse, and they have on at least one occasion, left their kid with grandma and grandpa in order to attend an orgy.

Now me, I want children. In fact, it is number 56 on my list of things about me. Until Kyle told me he never wants them, and I was forced to think about how I felt about that fact, I never realized how important it is to me to have kids. However, I can't coerce, force, trick, or guilt Kyle into having kids. He would just wind up resenting me for it in the end.

So, I guess him and I have to discuss the matter, and both of us have some thinking to do. He has to consider how serious he is about never wanting kids, and I have to consider how important it is to me to have them.

The part that sucks the most, is that we can't even talk about it for a while, because our schedules just don't match up correctly. So, in the mean time, I will think, panic, stress, freak out and think some more. Good fun.

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