Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My 100 Things

It's been a long time since I've updated my list of 100 things about me. In fact, I don't think I've actually done one on this particular site. Now, I would like all 3 of you who are reading this, that unlike most people I did not cheat. I notice a lot of people will use up 2 or 3 numbers to tell one thing. Pussies! Actually, I found it surprisingly easy to come up with this list. Not actually easy, but a lot easier than I expected, and a lot easier than it was last time. Anyways, here ya go.

1.My name is Erin

2.I'm a girl

3.I'm 25

4.I'm engaged

5.I live with my sister

6.I live in British Columbia

7.My fiancée lives in Manitoba.

8.I work for eBay

9.I love my job

10.I'm on the pessimistic side of realistic

11.Despite the above, I'm still hopeful about most things

12.I have no pets

13.I don't want any pets

14.I don't smoke

15.I don't do drugs

16.I do drink, but not often

17.I'm medicated for depression

18.I spent a lot of years trying to just “snap out of it”

19.I am not racist

20.I care what other people think of me

21.I do not think I am beautiful

22.I think I have a good sense of humor

23.I think I am smart

24.I am shy until I know you

25.I love movies

26.I almost always have music playing

27.I'm messy

28.I hate to clean

29.I like to cook

30.I like to bake

31.I can be a hypocrite

32.My friends are very important to me

33.I love to get mail.

34.If I could go back and change anything... I wouldn't

35.In some ways I am very emotional

36.In some ways I am very cold

37.I am nocturnal

38.I prefer to work mornings

39.I have no holiday spirit

40.Sometimes, I will stand my ground when I know I am wrong

41.I like bored games

42.I like to talk

43.I like to listen

44.I love long conversations

45.I hate having my words twisted

46.I used to speak French

47.I can find something beautiful about most people

48.I can be very passive aggressive

49.I find women to be very attractive, however I am in no way sexually attracted to them

50.I wish I was rich

51.I like the color green

52.I like the color of my hair

53.I am diabetic

54.I am very open

55.I hate keeping secrets

56.Someday, I want children

57.I like getting to know about new people

58.Stupidity annoys me

59.Naivety makes me smile

60.The people I care about the most in the world, know it

61.I tend to mask hurt feelings with humor

62.I have no negative feelings towards Americans as a people

63.I have a tongue ring

64.I have a tattoo

65.The only jewelery I wear consistently is my engagement ring

66.I love accents

67.I feel that online conversation is completely different with someone who's voice you have heard

68.I spend too much time on the Internet, and I'm okay with that.

69.I like to read

70.I miss my fiancée a lot

71.I take out my frustration on my fiancée even though I know better

72.I believe that everyone deserves to be loved

73.I believe most people deserve a second chance

74.I am not necessarily opposed to capital punishment

75.I have been working, successfully, on controlling my temper

76.I am generous

77.If I won enough money, nobody I care about would have any debt left.

78.I am having a small wedding

79.I am not wearing white because I think I will look ugly

80.I love to swim

81.I hate crowds

82.I would rather have 3 great friends than 100 acquaintances

83.I am disorganized

84.I am compulsive about certain things

85.I have a good vocabulary

86.I love television

87.One of my very good friends is someone I have never met in person.... yet!

88.I love helping people

89.I have 3 sisters

90.I have 3 nephews

91.My parents are still happily married after 44 years

92.I have no religious affiliation

93.I believe in God

94.I think I am a good person

95.I am often dry and sarcastic

96.I am drawn to people who have a similar sense of humor to mine

97.I'm bad at returning phone calls

98.I like to multi task

99.I like giving and receiving gifts without a special occasion

100.I need to know people love me in order to be happy

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