Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Crazy Hours

Training at this new job feels like school. Week one was all classroom training, and we had a quiz each day. By the weekend, I was so tired I could hardly remember my own name! Check out my usual daily routine for last week...

5am – Wake Up

5:30am – Leave for Work

6:30am – Start Work (training)

3pm – Get off Work

4pm – Arrive at my parents

8pm – Leave Parents to go Home

8:05pm – Shower

8:20pm – Check E-mail

8:30pm – Read Book

8:35pm – Fall Asleep

I went to my parents every day after work, because I knew that if I went home A) there was no food and I am VERY poor right now B) I would fall asleep and either wake up at 9pm and not get back to sleep, or wake up at 2am ready for the day. The reading portion of my day would vary based on level of exhaustion. Some nights I stayed up as late as 9pm!

This week, my schedule is the exact opposite. I never see my parents and work is from 3:30 until Midnight and I don't get home until 1am.

As much as I hate getting out of bed at 5am, I do enjoy the social life that a 3pm end time allows me, so I believe that when the shift bid comes up, I will try very hard to get on a morning shift.

As my shift stands now, I have talked to Adrienne once since I started work, not knowing her schedule doesn't help in that matter. My friend Nikki has called me twice and gotten no reply from me, because when I am home she is at work, but I haven't been able to talk to her to let her know that so she probably just thinks I suck lol.

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