Thursday, July 27, 2006

Work Rant

I am so pissed off this morning. SO PISSED OFF!!! My boss points out every little error that anyone makes. Fine, he is the boss… but he screws up my office every freakin day. I do more than hotel at my desk, but that is it’s main function. There are a couple very basic things that have to get done when checking in a guest.

1. Print Out a Guest Registration Card

2. Run a Payment or Pre-Auth On Their Credit Card

3. Mark the Room Number on the Top of the Credit Card Slip

4. Record the Payment in the Computer.

This morning, Vanessa (my Brazilian roommate whom I am training to take over for me when I leave) and I arrive at work to find….

1 Room with no guest registration card

3 Rooms where the payment was not recorded in the computer

4 Credit Card slips with no room number on them.

The result of that was of course, that Vanessa and I had to hunt around to find out which payment went with which room. This tends to be a major pain in the ass. Especially since half the credit card slips where for the same amount.

Once that was taken care of, I look in the notebook on my desk. 5 inches below where I left a reminder note for myself about a payment due on Friday, there is a note in huge letters telling me not to forget to run the payment on Friday. Duh really? Below that is a note telling me to charge that room for a remote and a key. Well I already did that, and he was sitting right there when I did it, there was even a discussion on how much to charge for a remote control. I am not a moron, and yet I get continually treated like one simply because he smokes too much pot and can’t remember a damn thing.

He makes the same mistakes over and over and over and over and over again, and just kinda shrugs with a goofy grin, or says “oh that’s the last time, I promise” but if I make a mistake, it gets written up in the book. My favorite is, I go home before housekeeping. I work 6 hours a day and start at 8. So when I leave, there are rooms that aren’t done yet and rooms that I don’t know about yet etc. So, sometimes the computer isn’t updated because the info isn’t in when I leave. So then my boss won’t update the information either. He will leave me a note telling me that I “forgot” to do it the day before. Oh really now? I do NOT think so!

Then there is the guilt trip. Vanessa and I both get it when payday rolls around. “Oh my labor costs are too high, oh you should be grateful I pay you as much as I do” blah blah blah. Grateful? Grateful that he got me to quit my other job then 2 weeks later cut back my hours? Grateful that I got to stay at work 24/7 for 9 days while only getting paid for 6, and didn’t get any bonus or any meals provided or anything?

Reserved for me alone, is the comments meant to make me feel guilty about Kyle leaving with so little notice and about me leaving at all. About how he let me go visit my family when on salary you aren’t entitled to vacation in the first year. Well screw him. I’m not Kyle, so he can lay off about that. As for my vacation… it makes up for the fact that neither Kyle nor I where in any way compensated for the days (9 for me 11 for Kyle) that we where here 24/7 so that our boss could go on vacation.

I do feel bad about leaving him in a lurch, that is why I agreed to stay here until the end of September, however, if he keeps being a jackass to me, I’ll just leave at the end of August and he can kiss my pale white ass!

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