Friday, July 21, 2006


We’re moving. The final decision was made while I was away on vacation. In October, Kyle and I are moving to Kelowna.

We talked his mom into paying for us to move, instead of giving us a honeymoon next year, and the plans are in motion.

We decided that the best option is for Kyle to accept a job offer he got in Winnipeg, paying $15 an hour. This way, he is earning more money before the move, and also, he isn’t going to move to Kelowna until I have us an apartment and I am working. This way it eliminates any issues such as both of us being out of work. At least one of us will always have a job. Plus, alone, there are several options for me while I am looking for a home and job, for both of us, the options are slightly more limited.

Kyle was due to leave this morning, however his friends showed up earlier than planned yesterday, so they wound up leaving around 6pm. I did fine right up until it was time to actually say goodbye. I was really surprised that I managed to not cry, and I am not as upset today as I worried I might be.

I think the reason I’m doing alright, is because I am keeping my focus on the bigger picture. In the end it will be best for us. Kyle will be making more money in Winnipeg, he will be able to start working more actively on getting into better shape and he will get to spend some time with his friends. This way he will be in a better place mentally when we move to Kelowna.

I’m not depressed, or distraught over Kyle going, but I’m still sad, and I’m very much going to miss him. I won’t see him again until October! So, like the song says, “Wake Me Up, When September Ends”

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