Monday, July 24, 2006

'Had A Bad Day Again'

It's been nothing but bad news the past few days.

First, Kyle's mom and step dad ordered their tickets to come out for our wedding next year. Well because of the time of year, the tickets cost more than they counted on, so they aren't able to give us as much money for moving as they had hopped. So we're going to need to come up with another $1000 on our own.

Second, this morning the company Kyle had a job lined up with called him. They found someone who had more certifications than Kyle and decided to give them the job instead. So now Kyle has no job.

Third, my alternator belt on my car is going. It will probably only cost $20 or $30 for a new belt, but there is a min 1 hour labor fee to add to that, so now we're looking at $100 or so. Not too bad considering what most car issues cost.

Here is the problem. Because our boss made Kyle pay back the bonus he was given, the total income for both of us, is only around $900 or so. This leaves me with JUST enough to cover my rent, my car payment and my car insurance. My student loan payment is going to bounce, and it's only $25. So forget doing anything like putting gas in my car (good thing I wont be driving it until it's fixed) or going out with friends, or buying groceries.

So, the gist of this story is... my life is falling apart at the seams and I'm ass poor. Woot!

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