Thursday, February 8, 2007

How Rude!

So get this, yesterday I'm sitting at a table in the lunch room at work, eating my dinner and reading a newpaper I found laying around, when I get invaded! Three guys, who had to be in their 30s come up, put their stuff on my table and the one guy is like 'You're almost done right?' This is as I'm still chewing my last bite. Now I'm pretty shy in situations like that, and saying something would have been more trouble than it was worth, so I just got up and left. What the hell though? There where several empty tables in the lunch room, my 'lunch' break is at 7pm, not exactly a busy time. They wanted the specific table I was at, so they just overtook it.

I felt like the girl in all those teen movies. The one who is either new in school or considered a loser by the popular girls. The one who sits at an empty table only to find out that it's 'their' table and be pushed aside. Of course, the emotion I felt was just mild annoyance as opposed to suicidal shame and misery, but you get my drift.

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