Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Egos are getting in the way of tour

The Spice Girls' comeback is reportedly being rocked by jealous in-fighting and petty rows.

The band have only just announced their reunion but already there are clashes of personality.

'There are too many egos for them to last more than a tour together,' says a close source. 'On the outside the girls are pals and everything is fantastic.

'But behind the scenes the Spice Girls' wars have started again - and the egos have landed.'

Mel B was reportedly the first to annoy the others with her diva-like behaviour in front of journalists last week.

'She was also spouting all sorts of stuff, and desperate to show off,' the source tells the News Of The World.

It's alleged Mel C even asked to be moved away from her at the press conference. C'mon ladies, this surely isn't what girl power is all about?

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