Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Time Well Spent

Well, Brandy got here last week right on schedule. Her and I have hung out a few times. I feel sort of bad for her right now though. She is living at the hotel until she can get into her apartment on the first. She has pretty much nothing to do from the time she gets off work until she goes to bed. I would gladly hang out with her more, but I’ve been working evenings. Between that and Adrienne being busy with Chris most evenings, Brandy is going bored out of her mind. Saturday, she called me at work at 10pm and asked me to come visit her after work. We wound up chatting until a little after 3am. We seem to get along really well, which is cool especially with Adrienne leaving in a few months. I figure I’ll see if she wants to hang out the next couple days because I have a few morning shifts and a day off. I have to make her like me quick before she gets her apartment and doesn’t need anyone to occupy her free time anymore (just kidding)

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