Thursday, September 13, 2007

Britney's MTV Performance - Disaster or Opportunity?

Hey, did you hear that Britney Spears' rejoinder public presentation at the MTV Awards didn't travel as she expected and was a complete fiasco? Unless you've been life on the space shuttlecock in outer space for the past few weeks, of course of study you heard the news. In fact, how could you NOT hear about it when so many critics from around the human race are having so much merriment crucifying her day-to-day about it; giving them enough stuff to utilize against her for the adjacent few months.

It's hard to believe by the manner that she's being ripped by the mass media hourly that she was the hottest female dad star a few old age ago. Part of me experiences bad for her because no 1 should have got to travel through the maltreatment she's endured over the past week. Then I believe about the fantastic chance that's been presented in presence of her and wonderment if she'll take advantage of it or go on a downward calling spiral to the enjoyment of her critics.

The manner I see it right now, Britney is standing at a pitchfork in the route and have a determination to make:

Going to the left of the pitchfork agency that she can move like that bad awarding show public presentation was the worst thing that ever could've happened to her and virtually impossible to retrieve from it. She can take the topographic point that the human race have got turned against her and travel on her slow descent to becoming another illustration of a music icon turned tragical figure with a dying calling that the yellow journalisms study on weekly until person else supplies them more than calamity to expose for amusing alleviation purposes.

Going to the right of the pitchfork agency that she can confront the fact that she wasn't at her best the at the awarding show, listen to all the critics to see if there's any gold nuggets of utile advice hidden within the abuses and hatred that's being thrown in her direction, figure out which way she would wish her calling to go from this twenty-four hours forward (forgetting her past accomplishments), program a rejoinder that volition do the critics bury about the last clip they saw her perform, pattern her border off until she's cook for her "second comeback", and do her fans retrieve why they loved her and do her critics have to buss her border for forgetting how she got to be so popular in the first place.

Truth is, Britney's no different than the remainder of us when it come ups to dealing with failure. We've all suffered from bad performances, whether it was getting the dirt beaten out of us during a preparation match, a tourney or giving a bad presentation at work or school. And as badly as most of us felt after we bombed miserably, those of us that had the courageousness to acquire back up and seek it again usually succeeded the adjacent time.

That's exactly what Britney have to do...get ready for the adjacent time, while using the last public presentation as motive to do those critics eat their words. And if she's can make that, she'll acquire her calling back on path and tax return to the top of the music world.

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