Monday, May 22, 2006

Oh My God! Two Posts in a Week!!!

I actually had a day off today! It's a freaking miracle! Between my two jobs they try to make sure I work at least one job every day. I finally cut back my hours at the liquor store. I work at the liquor store 3 days a week now, all the other days I work at the Office.

But I guess I haven't even posted about my new job yet, so I will fill you guys in. I got a job working as Office Manager for a guy who runs a hotel and is starting up two additional business'. I am Office Manager for all three.

I love my new job, but my boss is a little scattered sometimes. He also tends to pull me into about 3000 directions at once. Mainly I just tell him to shut up and go away lol.

With all this work, my blogging as suffered. I'm sure both of you who still read this have noticed. And of course the other 3 readers who don't read anymore because of the lack of posting noticed as well!

I've been considering doing AudioBlog posts. It's quick and easy and I can do it from anywhere. When I type a post I have to actually thing about what I'm saying, but if I do an audioblog... well I almost never think before I speak!

What do the two of you think about that idea?

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